Jack Klugman & Peggy Crosby

Reader Arjun asks:

About Jack Klugman , I know he dated Peggy Crosby for many years but did they live together before they married?

I didn't know the answer myself, so I did some digging. Jack was married to Brett Somers, and although they separated in 1974, they did not divorce, and remained married until her death in 2007. Jack married Peggy Crosby in 2008, but they were definitely in a relationship for many years prior. This Hollywood Reporter article and this Variety article say they lived together since 1988. Hope that helps!

New Show Airs Tonight

The new "Odd Couple" show starring Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon premiers tonight on CBS at 8:30pm Eastern time. So far the reviews aren't great, but I'm willing to give the show a chance for a couple of episodes. Nothing can top the original, but remember that even that was a remake of sorts, coming after the play and movie.

New "Odd Couple" show premiers February 19th

The new "Odd Couple" TV show, starring Matthew Perry as Oscar and Thomas Lennon as Felix, will air its first episode on CBS on February 19th. (Whether it's actually worth watching is debatable, but it might be interesting to check out the first episode.) The New York Daily News has an article about it. Thanks to the Odd Couple Facebook group for the link.

Updated Inconsistency

Reader Jesse contributed some info to the How They Met inconsistency. Oscar and Felix had met briefly as children, although they had forgotten it as adults. Thanks Jesse!

Blog article on different actors playing the same character

Sitcom writer Ken Levine wrote a blog post today comparing Randall and Klugman's performances to Lemmon and Matthau's. He closes with a survey, asking readers to comment on their favorite James Bond, Darren Stephens, Sherlock Holmes, etc.

Top Ten List Added

Addition to the Articles, Interviews & Podcasts Page. I added the text of a Top Ten List that Tony Randall presented on the Late Show after his second child was born.

New Odd Couple TV Show

I'm a bit late in reporting this, so you may have already heard... next year CBS will air a new Odd Couple TV series starring Matthew Perry as Oscar and Thomas Lennon as Felix. It is set to be a midseason replacement due to CBS airing football in the fall. It seems that every couple of years we get a new show with the basic Odd Couple premise, so I guess someone just decided to call a spade a spade. ;)

New FAQ Entry - filming location

I added another item to the FAQ page, under the miscellaneous category:

Where was the show filmed?

Jack Klugman Tribute Up

Only about a year late, I finally have the Jack Klugman Tribute Page up, modeled after the similar page I did for Tony Randall. You'll notice that the message board comments are a lot fewer for Jack's passing, due to lowered usage of the board. But we "make up for it" in a way by also including Facebook comments. And if you see any notable articles or tributes that I've missed, please let me know!

Finding an Edna Quote

Reader Scott writes:

In an episode of the Odd Couple, Edna Unger said to her father Felix words to the effect of: “If you didn’t bug me I wouldn’t know that you love me.”

I know that is not the exact quote. I’ve searched and haven’t been able to find it – I wrote it down 30+ years ago when I was watching that episode with my dad and it has been hanging in there kitchen ever since. At least five years ago it was so faded you can no longer read it, and I would love to be able to write it again so it hangs for another 30 years.

I didn't recognize the quote from memory, but I figured it was from a later Edna episode, when she was played by Doney Oatman. This version of the character had a bit more trouble relating to her father, whereas the younger Edna, played by Pamelyn Ferdin, seemed more similar to him. I found it in episode 59, "The Odd Father." Edna actually says two similar lines near the end of the episode (time stamps reflect was was on my DVD player):

"I'd rather have a father who bugs me than a father who didn't care about me."

"I guess if you didn't bug me, I wouldn't love you."

And it turns out the full episode is also available on YouTube, although the time stamps are slightly different. Hopefully the quote will last on Scott's fridge for many years to come. ;)


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