Link Update

Alert reader Jeff McCullough pointed out to me that one of the links on the Odd Couple Sings page was incorrect (the link to "Brush Up Your Shakespeare" was pointing to "The Inch Worm.") The link has now been corrected. Thanks, Jeff!

Maureen McCormick is a fan of The Odd Couple

I just finished reading Maureen McCormick''s Autobiography Here's the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice. A paragraph on page 42-43 caught my attention:

Older men also intrigued me: Fred MacMurray, Bob Reed, and Michael Cole. I also thought Barry Williams''s father was cool too. Then I developed a thing for Jack Klugman and Tony Randall, the stars of The Odd Couple. Who didn''t adore them? Their series was shot on the Paramount lot. On more than a few occasions I chatted with them as we stood in line to get food at a cart near our sets, and I left thinking, wow, that Jack Klugman is neat.

Want to see Jack Klugman host Saturday Night Live?

It worked for Betty White, so it''s worth a shot. Some fans have created a Facebook page called Jack Klugman to host SNL (please?)! Join the page and show your support!

MSNBC Article on Children of Celebrities

Adam Klugman was briefly interviewed as part of an article on MSNBC titled Spotlight can burn children of the famous.

A Remake?

According to this article at BuddyTV, the Odd Couple is one of ten shows that needs a remake. I'm not sure - it seems like it gets remade a lot already, just with different names: "Two and a Half Men," "Brother''s Keeper," "George & Leo," etc.


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