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Odd Couple Message Board Archives - December 24-27, 2012

The posts are in order from earliest to latest - so the top of the page includes the first posts made after the announcement of Jack's death. Many people on the board use the subject line for their entire post, with nothing in the body. These posts have "(NT)" in the subject (meaning "no text"). For easy readability (especially when there is more text beyond the subject line), I've put the subjects in bold.

RIP Jack
 -- None, 18:04:01 12/24/12 Mon

LOS ANGELES, CA (KTRK) -- There's sad news to report from the entertainment world. Actor Jack Klugman passed has passed away at the age of 90.

The actor's attorney made the announcement Monday. Klugman reportedly died peacefully at his home in Northridge, California with his wife, Peggy, at his side.

Klugman is survived by his sons, David and Adam, and two grandchildren.

Klugman is best known for his role as Oscar Madison in the sitcom The Odd Couple, playing opposite Tony Randall. He also starred as Quincy in the drama Quincy, M.E.

  • No more Greek clues! (NT) -- Aristophanes, 18:38:59 12/24/12 Mon
  • RIP Mr. Klugamn -- joiseyfrank (sad. very sad), 19:42:17 12/24/12 Mon
  • Thank you SO much for making me laugh, making me cry and making me think through your career's work: ODD COUPLE, QUINCY, TWILIGHT ZONE, 12 ANGRY MEN ... I also had the pleasure to see you on stage many times, particularly with Mr. Randall in THREE MEN ON A HORSE and THE ODD COUPLE in philly. Any time i met you, you were kind, gracious, patient and ... well, just as nice as I thought you'd be.

    Rest in peace, my friend, and thank you for brightening the world with your talent. Tell Tony we all say "hello" and that we miss him.

  • Just heard the news, thanks for the memory's Jack (NT) -- oscaroscaroscar, 20:00:20 12/24/12 Mon
  • Awww, what a gyp! (NT) -- scott (sad), 20:33:00 12/24/12 Mon
  • I'm gonna go mix Chinese and Italian food in his honor. Sigh. (NT) -- Dull Bee, 20:58:27 12/24/12 Mon
  • Been watching and talking about this show for 42 years. Never thougtht there would be a time when they were both gone but I guess it had to happen. Thank Heaven for re-runs. RIP Jack. (NT) -- Crazy Noodge, 20:59:13 12/24/12 Mon
  • No words. Just ---- XO( (NT) -- Brian, 22:42:49 12/24/12 Mon
  • We knew this day would come, but still we didnt want it to come. Rip and thanks for the enjoyment you gave us (NT) -- 52, 23:54:51 12/24/12 Mon
  • aww, man.... (NT) -- Vinnie..., 00:39:26 12/25/12 Tue
  • He was so iconic as Oscar, it was easy to forget how good a dramatic actor he was as well. Met him once, he was extremely nice. RIP Jack. (NT) -- Miss Olam, 01:59:10 12/25/12 Tue
  • THANKS (head tilted) (NT) -- Silent Sam, 09:32:44 12/25/12 Tue
  • Re: RIP Jack -- Stix Madison, 09:35:55 12/25/12 Tue
  • Hi gang....i know I haven't been here in awhile but besides wishing everyone a Merry Christmas I had to extend my condolences to all my OCMB friends for our loss...I wonder if Oscar's wings are clean enough to get into Heaven?? Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season..Love always, Stix 

    • My heart is broken (Felix 'signing' it)... what a life Jack had! (NT) -- reetsietuesday, 10:07:19 12/25/12 Tue
      • Give Tony a big hug for us! Thank you for always making me laugh. (NT) -- Loretta Spoon, 10:32:37 12/25/12 Tue
  • Oh Oscar, Oscar. Oscar. What a tangled web we weave. RIP Jack thanks for the memories (NT) -- SureShot, 11:55:27 12/25/12 Tue
  • "Why are you crying?" "I'll miss you!" (NT) -- Leonard, 11:59:42 12/25/12 Tue
  • Make sure he is next to Felix near the babbling brook. (NT) -- Steve, 14:45:45 12/25/12 Tue
  • Re: RIP Jack -- Pop Belkin, 21:06:33 12/25/12 Tue
    • Will beat the wings off a sugar plum fairy in Oscars honor. (NT) -- Pop Belkin, 21:08:23 12/25/12 Tue
  • Thanks to a well above average man- (NT) -- Franklin Lange, 21:47:03 12/25/12 Tue
    • What a heartbreaking loss! Thank you for the memories! In Oscar's memory, I vow to put ketchup on everything . But I will now call it "Tomato Wine" R.I.P (NT) -- Jack, 23:22:43 12/25/12 Tue
  • RIP Cool Heavy Bull - That's all you wrote? (NT) -- Mike M., 00:48:21 12/31/12 Mon

RIP Oscar Madisoy -- Fran Walsh, 10:29:30 12/25/12 Tue

While its a sad day, we come to sites like this to relive the memories and enjoy the countless laughs that Jack gave us. Somewhere in heaven, Jack and Tony are now "driving each other crazy." 

  • Re: RIP Oscar Madisoy -- David Nathanson, 15:50:50 04/23/13 Tue
  • Or is it...Oscar Madisox 

R.I.P. Jack Klugman -- David Nathanson, 08:23:02 12/26/12 Wed

Thank you Jack for the many laughs. You and Tony are now reunited in friendship for eternity.

Once there was a man named Oscar..Oscar, Oscar, Oscar!! 

  • Re: R.I.P. Jack Klugman -- F.L. Stelth (Very Sad), 10:41:39 01/05/13 Sat
  • I've always liked Jack Klugman since I was a kid in the 70s watching Odd Couple reruns. When I discovered the Twilight Zone, I was happy to see Jack in several episodes. I'm not really interested in celebrities but I've always wanted to meet Jack. That won't happen but at least his work will live on.

Can two divorced men share Heaven without driving each other crazy? (NT) -- Aristophanes, 08:36:45 12/27/12 Thu