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People Who Played Themselves

Throughout The Odd Couple''s five-year run, there were many episodes in which people played themselves. While some of them were guest stars who played a big part in the plot, others were cameos who only had a few lines. Some of them were household names, and others were lesser known figures such as opera singers and theater critics. Below is an attempt to list all of these appearances. Additions/corrections/nitpicks are always welcome!

Please note: This is only a list of guest stars and cameos who played themselves. Please do not e-mail me to tell me that I forgot to include Victor Buono, Albert Brooks, or any celebrity who played a person other than himself/herself.

Martina Arroyo Opera singer #107, "Your Mother Wears Army Boots"
Mal Alberts Sports broadcaster #47, "Psychic Shmychic"
Roone Arledge ABC executive #107, "Your Mother Wears Army Boots"
John Barber Theater critic #106, "Two on the Aisle"
Rona Barrett Columnist, TV host #97, "The Dog Story"
Dick Cavett Talk show host, actor #110, "Two Men on a Hoarse"
Dick Clark TV and radio host #76, "The New Car"
Howard Cosell Sportscaster #49, "Big Mouth" and #107, "Your Mother Wears Army Boots"
Joan Crosby Theater critic #106, "Two on the Aisle"
Richard Dawson Actor, game show panelist, game show host #113 - "Laugh, Clown, Laugh"
Richard Fredericks Opera singer #31, "Does Your Mother Know You''re Out, Rigoletto?"
Monty Hall Game show host #67, "Let''s Make a Deal" and #80, "A Different Drummer"
Hugh Hefner Publisher of "Playboy" magazine #92, "One for the Bunny"
Bob Hope Actor, comedian #96, "The Hollywood Story"
Deacon Jones Football player #55, "Felix''s First Commercial"
Billie Jean King Tennis player #80, "The Pig Who Came to Dinner"
Allen Ludden Game show host #58, "Password"
Jaye P. Morgan Singer #78, "The Songwriter"
Rodney Allen Rippy Actor #109, "The Rent Strike"
Bobby Riggs Tennis player, male chauvinist #80, "The Pig Who Came to Dinner"
John Simon Theater critic #106, "Two on the Aisle"
Neil Simon Playwright - author of "The Odd Couple" #106, "Two on the Aisle"
Bubba Smith Football player #69, "Take My Furniture, Please"
Howard K. Smith News anchor, TV host #99, "The Odd Candidate"
Dan Sullivan Theater Critic #106, "Two on the Aisle"
David Steinberg Comedian, talk show host #33, "The Odd Couple Meet their Host"
Edward Vilella Ballet dancer #72, "Last Tango in Newark"
Betty White Actress #58, "Password"
Paul Williams Singer #101, "The Paul Williams Show"
Wolfman Jack Radio DJ #78, "The Songwriter"